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Rules of the Kitchen

If I am anything, it is a rule follower. When I was younger my parents once brought snacks into the movie theater and I worried the entire time we would get kicked out for breaking the rules.

I used to apply my strict rule following to cooking by not varying off of a written recipe…..at all! I had my handful of dishes that I knew by heart and could make with my eyes closed but give me something new and I craved guidelines. Luckily I married a man who is a little more flexible with following the “rules” when it comes to cooking (or driving the speed limit). Cooking together over the past 5 years has allowed us to learn from the other and I am now more comfortable in using a recipe as a starting point and adding my own twist.

This recipe started off as an idea I saw on Pinterest (that is an entirely other post) because my wonderful sister-in-law had just made us heaps of homemade jams and butters. I hope you are inspired as well and break a few rules in the process.

Savory Apricot Lemon Sauce
Adapted from myrecipes.com



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Be prepared

Yes- I was a Girl Scout. And the daughter of a highly organized mother which means I like lists, plans, backup plans, and when things happen as I plan. When it comes to cooking I like to have a plan but have made the best discoveries when I allow a little flexibility in the kitchen.

If you came into our house on any normal day you would not find much in our fridge. Cooking for two doesn’t take much planning especially when the hubby passes by the grocery store on his way home for work. I try my best to plan out our meals for the week but life gets in the way and sometimes an unplanned meal is the best (a.k.a. only option).

The following is my list of what I like to have on hand at any time to quickly throw together a meal or to doctor up our leftovers for lunch or dinner the next night. A little bit of planning now will save you time during the week. Real advice from a real Girl Scout.


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